Table of Contents for The Course: Serious Hold ‘Em Strategy For Smart Players by Ed Miller

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The Course: Serious Hold 'em Strategy For Smart Players by Ed Miller

My new book, The Course: Serious Hold ‘Em Strategy For Smart Players, is available now.

The Course focuses on the most important concepts that determine who wins and moves up and who doesn’t. And it ignores the distractions. It doesn’t waste your time and attention with ideas that don’t apply to the games you play.

Unlike many other books—including some of my own—this book is ruthlessly practical. The ideas in The Course transfer directly from the page to the felt. The book starts out by showing you where and how money is available to win. Everything after teaches you how to go get it. Skill by skill, you will learn to win more money and win it faster.

Here is the Table of Contents for the book. You can click on the links in the ToC to learn more about each part.

  • Introduction
  • Part I: The 30,000 Foot View
    • The Many Forms Of No-Limit Hold ‘Em
    • Where Does The Money Come From?
  • Part II: Beating Live 1-2 Games
    • Skill #1. Play A Simple And Effective Pre-Flop Strategy
    • Skill #2. Don’t Pay People Off
    • Skill #3. Assess Your Hand Value
    • 1-2 Hand Quizzes
  • Part III: Beating Live 2-5 Games
    • Skill #4. Barreling
    • Skill #5. Evaluating Board Texture
    • Skill #6. Making Live Reads
    • Skill #7. Emotional Numbing
    • 2-5 Hand Quizzes
  • Part IV: Beating Live 5-10 Games
    • Skill #8. Exploiting Aggression
    • Skill #9. Playing Deep
    • Skill #10. Taking On The Pros
    • 5-10 Hand Quizzes
  • The Next Step
  • Conclusion
  • Acknowledgements

Get The Course now.